All by Myself: The Best Reasons Why you should Travel Alone

We’ve all had vacations with families and friends and we’ve surely enjoyed that. However, they say that you should absolutely try to have a vacation alone. Vacations are definitely worth it when you get rest and relaxation—but can you do that when you have people along that want to visit places and enjoy your company?

Before you even think that it’s not doable, here are some reasons why traveling alone can do wonders.

The stories you’ll tell. There’s a wealth of experiences you could have when you travel alone. While not all of these may be happy, funny, or even positive, these add to the experiences you get and help you to grow as a person. You may even get a bonus with some of the people in these stories becoming long-time, new-found friends.

The discoveries you’ll have. While traveling and meeting people, you’ll also get to spend a lot of alone time with yourself. This means you’ll have access to memories and skills you didn’t know you have. Just keep on trusting yourself when you’re traveling alone, and you’ll get to discover a lot of things you never knew you had in you. It’s a kind of self-discovery you can never do with a group.

Discover the destination. When you travel with a group, you’ll have to adjust to the needs and whims of that particular group; traveling alone lets you discover a place like never before. Your attention won’t be divided, so you’ll have more time discovering things you never knew existed in that place. You might even discover new things on that trip just because you can focus on yourself more.

Know the culture. Without family or friends to rely on, traveling alone will also lead you to trust more on the people in that place. You never know, there might be a friend waiting for you in a particular town you visit. You get to learn more of the culture from the people providing help as well as some of the locals you meet along the way.

You save more. Not having to spend so much on other people means that you get to spend all that extra money for yourself. Some leftovers may also be spent on soaking up the culture by buying curios and souvenirs. You may also skip a meal to save more, or try walking and backpacking for a change of pace. B&Bs are also easier to find when there’s no one whose hygiene you’d worry about.

A road to other travels. Traveling alone gives you all sorts of ideas. It may be about work plans; it can also be about plans on what to do next with your life; it can also be plans to travel alone someplace else. A clear mind and a decisive demeanor may be what you get out of this trip, or it could also point you to a completely new destination—one that you’ll travel alone on too.

Traveling alone opens new possibilities and gives you mind time to think for yourself. If you’ve still got the opportunity, do it! You never know what kind of experience it will give you.