The Pyrenees: What You Can do on a Vacation

You’ve finally earned enough credits and money to go on that vacation you’ve been asking for. There are a lot on your mind and probably half of those ideas are too expensive. If you’ve got no idea where to go, why not consider a holiday in the French Pyrenees?

There are some unique ways you can do this vacation. However, let’s focus on the places you can visit, as well as the famous sites that you should definitely not miss going to.

Albi Cathedral

Would you pass visiting a UNESCO heritage site? The Albi Cathedral is one of the best examples of Gothic architecture in the European continent. Whether you’re inside the cathedral or outside, you’re going to marvel at the architecture and the design that harkens back to a time when kings and queens ruled most of Europe. It also stands as a museum of superb Renaissance art dating back to medieval times.

Cirque de Gavarnie

Years of being covered underneath glacial ice had carved what is one of the most famous spots in the High Pyrenees today. The Cirque de Gavarnie stands as one of the best sites to aim your tele-photo lens at. Contrary to how it may look like in photos, tourists can reach the peak during summer through a car trail. Many, however, would prefer visiting the waterfall that drops off about 422 meters.

Padirac Cave

The Padirac Cave stands as a testament to the possibility of having three sites to visit in one awesomely stunning spectacle. When the roof of this massive cave gave way, the entrance for the chasm floor came to be. That, in turn, leads to the extensive cave system as well as the well-visited underground river. If you’re a fan of natural rock formations, you’ll get your fill of it in this place.

Parc Animalier

One of the better zoos available in the region, the park is famous for its marmosets and goats. Perhaps one of the best attractions in the park is the eco lodges that allow you to view the bears or the wolves in an approximation of their natural habitat. You can go there for the animals although you can also pick your spot for a relaxing picnic among the animals.

Mines de Vielle Aure

A warning in advance: the guided tour appears to be spoken hugely in French, although this would sate your appetite for anything pre-historic. It’s a cave and the paintings are what visitors usually come here to see. It is one of the better caves with prehistoric paintings in it as well as natural limestone formations.

Musee Massey

Another historic monument to times gone by, the Musee Massey focuses on the Hussar cavalrymen’s evolution—the periods covered extend from the 18th century to the 20th century. You get to see a bit of that period of time and how the Hussars evolved from the time of kings up to their present incarnation.

A visit to these sites in the Pyrenees is well worth your time, especially if you’re enjoying your vacation. Soak up a little of the world culture and enjoy your time in this French region—you’ve definitely earned it.