A Motorcycle Vacation: Renting the Right Motorcycle for You

The uniquely enticing vacations often feature something that’s out of the box. What’s more unique than riding on a motorcycle for the rest of your vacation? Traveling on the road, visiting different places every night, you get the feeling of freedom and a life of no worries—if only for the duration of your vacation.

Here’s some advice on how to choose the motorcycle of your choice, if you indeed followed through on a motorcycle vacation.

Ask around. There are places that obviously show they’re renting out motorcycles. However, if you’re in a place where there’s a lack of options, you can try to ask around. The locals will know where there’s a rental better than anyone else. If the place is developed, the airport, clubs, and some owner’s groups may even give you cards or invite you to their place to see what they have to offer.

Book in advance. Just as you’ve planned the vacation, you should have also planned to book a motorcycle rental ahead of your vacation. You should include this when you’re researching about the place you’ll visit. You could also check this out when you’re trying to find out points of interest you should visit when you’re finally starting your vacation.

Ask your tour manager. You’ve probably had a tour agent arrange your trip for you. If you had, you can also ask them about the rentals available in the city. You could outright ask them if there’s someone renting out motorcycles there and have them arrange that as well. It might cost you something extra or not but the added comfort of avoiding that hassle is well worth it.

Within your budget. This is especially important if you’re traveling within a budget. If you finally get in contact with a rental, choose a rental motorcycle that won’t let you go over what you plan to spend. It would be hard to start your vacation deep in debt; you never know when that extra money will come in handy.

Rent according to your need. Are you going hiking on a mountain? Rent an all-terrain model that handles that well. Are you going on the road? A cruiser or tourer may be more your speed. Learn to expect what kind of traveling you’re going to do. If you know it in advance, it makes it easier to choose the specific model and make you’re going to rent.

Know the law. Aside from the culture, you need to know what is and what isn’t allowed in the place you’re going to visit. This is one of the most important times when you should definitely act like a local. Respecting the laws of the place you visit will make sure you enjoy your vacation—and come back in one piece as well.

Once you’re sure about the model or why you’re renting a motorcycle, it should be a simple matter of closing the deal. Remember to look at these tips and more when you’re planning to rent a motorcycle on your holiday.