Who We Are

Motorcycle holidays may seem farfetched, but they exist. There are other holiday trips that are also safer choices—going on a yacht or a luxurious cruise are excellent choices. The problem, though, is that these may be a tad too much for your budget. There are other travel choices you can go for, and one of those choices is motorcycle holidays. It may be better if you’re looking for a budget trip where you can also travel.

Alistair and Alison Norman have been doing Motorcycle holidays, MotoGPs, and track days since 1999 in Europe. Choosing passion over career, motorbikes and France have been what they were involved in ever since they left the UK in exchange for the road. Staying full-time in the French Pyrenees, those 3 years they’ve spent has given them unmatched knowledge of the lay of the land.

The extensive experience has also made them the perfect partners in your search for that unique, elusive holiday. Passionate and flexible, they’re great to talk to and even greater when you want something different. They’re the people to talk to if you want to do a motorcycle holiday—something different and out-of-the-box.

Ride the Pyrenees and experience something you never knew was possible or even existed!