All by Myself: The Best Reasons Why you should Travel Alone

We’ve all had vacations with families and friends and we’ve surely enjoyed that. However, they say that you should absolutely try to have a vacation alone. Vacations are definitely worth it when you get rest and relaxation—but can you do that when you have people along that want to visit places and enjoy your company?

Before you even think that it’s not doable, here are some reasons why traveling alone can do wonders.

The stories you’ll tell. There’s a wealth of experiences you could have when you travel alone. While not all of these may be happy, funny, or even positive, these add to the experiences you get and help you to grow as a person. You may even get a bonus with some of the people in these stories becoming long-time, new-found friends.

The discoveries you’ll have. While traveling and meeting people, you’ll also get to spend a lot of alone time with yourself. This means you’ll have access to memories and skills you didn’t know you have. Just keep on trusting yourself when you’re traveling alone, and you’ll get to discover a lot of things you never knew you had in you. It’s a kind of self-discovery you can never do with a group.

Discover the destination. When you travel with a group, you’ll have to adjust to the needs and whims of that particular group; traveling alone lets you discover a place like never before. Your attention won’t be divided, so you’ll have more time discovering things you never knew existed in that place. You might even discover new things on that trip just because you can focus on yourself more.

Know the culture. Without family or friends to rely on, traveling alone will also lead you to trust more on the people in that place. You never know, there might be a friend waiting for you in a particular town you visit. You get to learn more of the culture from the people providing help as well as some of the locals you meet along the way.

You save more. Not having to spend so much on other people means that you get to spend all that extra money for yourself. Some leftovers may also be spent on soaking up the culture by buying curios and souvenirs. You may also skip a meal to save more, or try walking and backpacking for a change of pace. B&Bs are also easier to find when there’s no one whose hygiene you’d worry about.

A road to other travels. Traveling alone gives you all sorts of ideas. It may be about work plans; it can also be about plans on what to do next with your life; it can also be plans to travel alone someplace else. A clear mind and a decisive demeanor may be what you get out of this trip, or it could also point you to a completely new destination—one that you’ll travel alone on too.

Traveling alone opens new possibilities and gives you mind time to think for yourself. If you’ve still got the opportunity, do it! You never know what kind of experience it will give you.

Budget Relaxation: How to spend a Vacation within Budget

There comes a time when you just need to unwind and that’s when you should take your boss up on those vacation leaves he’s been telling you about. However, the planning and the budgeting alone are some parts of it you’d rather leave to after the vacation. You’d rather spend it relaxing, not worrying about expenses.

That’s why you should come up with a way to spend vacations within a budget. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Book early. You don’t have to be a control freak to know that booking ahead of others gets you the best deals. When you book early, you open yourself to the opportunity of getting a good deal on some flights and, perhaps, deals on the hotels you’ll be staying in. It also gives you an opportunity to worry about other things instead of the flight and how you’ll get a seat on it.

Decide where to stay. The farther you bring your vacation away from home, the more expensive it gets. If you simply don’t have the budget to go out of the country, stay within the country. You don’t have to do a staycation; just find a nice hotel in a very nice part of the country near you. It will still make your trip special without breaking the bank.

Look for surprisingly luxurious budget hotels. Perhaps one of the effects of people traveling more is that budget B&Bs have begun to look like their ritzy cousins. Call it an effect of traveler money coming in, but it’s a benefit you shouldn’t miss out on. You wouldn’t have trouble finding a B&B that’s actually nice to stay in nowadays, so be brave about looking for one you’d actually love to sleep in.

Cut off your stay. Everyone wants lengthy vacations. If you’re forced to choose between staying longer or saving for a better accommodation, choose the latter. You can always take a vacation somewhere else with the money you’ll save. Choosing to cut the vacation short would also give you the chance to actually splurge on your current vacation.

It’s a deal. Don’t ignore hotels when they give you deals or discounts. These are your partners if you want to spend your vacation on a budget. Most luxury resorts will offer you deals and discounts, but these days, some web coordinators—those offering to find hotels and resorts for you to stay in—already has a deal in place that could be even better than what the hotel offers.

Never spend unnecessarily. The most important part of any travel plan is to keep within the budget. Never spend unless you absolutely have to. This way, you’ll have more money to spend for buying souvenirs or something to bring home. You’ll also have enough to actually enjoy the rest of your trip without going hungry or grumpily staving off from buying a few local products.

Spending a vacation doesn’t have to be costly. In the first place, you’re there to relax. It makes sense that you’d rather spend time not worrying about money rather than having a problem on whether your money will hold out or not.

Motorcycle Safety 101: Staying Safe on Two Wheels

They say that a motorcycle is made more risky to ride on because of the fact that you’re balancing on two wheels. If you can have accidents riding a car, then it’s worse when you ride a motorcycle. That’s why when someone gives you an advice on the safety gears and ways to keep yourself safe on the road, you should probably listen.

Here are a few things you should know and keep in your mind about riding motorcycles.

Know how far you can go

Figure out for yourself if you want to ride like a daredevil—on roads that are not busy, of course—or if you’re riding to get from one place to another, like when you rent an exotic vehicle in London. Ride according to how good you feel your skills are. If you fail to make this crucial study, you may find yourself in accidents or even the cause of one.

Have anti-lock installed

Just as you’d invest in an anti-lock brake when riding a car, so should you invest in one on your motorcycle. Having anti-lock brakes on it doesn’t only protect you; it’s your responsibility as a grown-up rider on a road full of other people trying to get to places like you. It is also your duty as a responsible citizen to make sure your fellow riders are safe.

Practice your riding skills

Always make sure that your skills as a rider is up to par. That goes along with making sure nothing is wrong with your motor cycle. Take rides even if you’re not going anywhere; just a stroll in your neighborhood is fine. Learn your motor cycle inside and out. Short of becoming a full-fledged rider, you’ll be making the road a safer place by learning your motor cycle.

Keep your speed level

If the road you’re traveling on has a speed limit, make sure to follow it. It’s not only the law—it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone’s safe, most especially you. Leave the daring stunts and the speed devil dash on the roads less traveled and be a mature motorist if you’re on a busy road. It makes it easier for you to avoid accidents also when riding within the limit.

Know your bikes

New to riding? Always pick a model that’s just right for your skill and your experience as a rider, there is a wide variety of luxury cars for hire available at It’s okay to aim high, but leave the more complicated models for when you’re an experienced rider. For now, buy your motor cycle in accordance with your level as a rider. You’re also going to have an easier time choosing a model this way.

Be alert

Always be on the guard especially when you’re riding. Anything can happen—an accident may have occurred further down; the weather may suddenly change; a truck may have brought more sand than usual on the road. Always keep your speed level and your eye sharp to avoid accidents.

Those are only a few tips to make sure you stay safe on the road. Mind the other motorists you’re on the road with. You should be more careful if you’re riding a motorcycle. Even if you’re zipping through traffic easier, it’s more likely you’ll get into an accident if you’re careless.

The Right Motorcycle: Picking the Right Motorcycle the First Time

Buying a motorcycle can be considered an investment; it’s the same with all vehicles. It’s a dangerous vehicle to master, though, but so are all other vehicles. Without the proper guidance and training, you’re essentially risking life and limb when you ride your brand-new motorcycle.

If you really want to buy one, you should have a basic idea of how to choose the best model. How should you choose a motorcycle?

Fits your need

Buy a bike that fits your need. Whatever that may be—a bike to get you where you need to go or just something to get from one place to another—you should choose a motorbike that will fill that role. If it’s city driving, choose something that’s fit for traffic. If it’s for going to another place far from where you live, you can choose one that will get you there quickly.

Admit your limits

Learning to ride a motorbike is different from learning to drive a car. If you’re really dead set on riding one to work, you should first learn whether you can handle one or not. It’s a difficult beast to master and if you think you can do it easily, you might be way over your head. You should start on the less-powerful, slower bikes before you go ahead with the bigger ones.

Know your type

To know which bike is good for you, you have to know which models are which. This is according to the make of the bike. Probably, the speed and the way it handles are governed by the make.

Cruisers. More commonly known as hogs, these are built for a relaxed form of ride. You’re going to buy it if you’ve been a long-time rider. If not, you’re better off with other models.

Sports bikes. These are mass-produced (in a sense) to be released to the general public. Built for speed and mobility, you’re going to have to be intermediate to handle it.

Standard bikes. These bikes are the workhorse of the motorcycle crowd. They are made sporty but not as high-strung as the racing models and are generally easier to handle than cruisers.

Scooters. Easy to ride and easier to learn on, these usually come in 50cc variants and are easy to handle. You have to learn to keep to the side streets, though, as these can’t be ridden in the highway.

Adventure tourers. These bikes are often seen on the road or even off-road, and they can be heavy and expensive to maintain.

Think second-hand

It’s always a good choice to buy second-hand simply because you’re saving more. However, you should be aware of the history of the bike as well as know how to look for damage. If you can’t see any, you can go ahead and buy it as long as you have the budget and its papers check out fine.

Pay insurance

Don’t forget to pay for insurance! Now that you’re riding a bike, the risk is bigger. This is the time when you really need insurance. Insurance does not only cover your injuries; it also covers any and all damages your bike may incur on the road.

These are only some of the reasons why you’re buying a motorcycle. Know the difference between the models and you’re on your way to creating your own persona on a motorbike.

The Pyrenees: What You Can do on a Vacation

You’ve finally earned enough credits and money to go on that vacation you’ve been asking for. There are a lot on your mind and probably half of those ideas are too expensive. If you’ve got no idea where to go, why not consider a holiday in the French Pyrenees?

There are some unique ways you can do this vacation. However, let’s focus on the places you can visit, as well as the famous sites that you should definitely not miss going to.

Albi Cathedral

Would you pass visiting a UNESCO heritage site? The Albi Cathedral is one of the best examples of Gothic architecture in the European continent. Whether you’re inside the cathedral or outside, you’re going to marvel at the architecture and the design that harkens back to a time when kings and queens ruled most of Europe. It also stands as a museum of superb Renaissance art dating back to medieval times.

Cirque de Gavarnie

Years of being covered underneath glacial ice had carved what is one of the most famous spots in the High Pyrenees today. The Cirque de Gavarnie stands as one of the best sites to aim your tele-photo lens at. Contrary to how it may look like in photos, tourists can reach the peak during summer through a car trail. Many, however, would prefer visiting the waterfall that drops off about 422 meters.

Padirac Cave

The Padirac Cave stands as a testament to the possibility of having three sites to visit in one awesomely stunning spectacle. When the roof of this massive cave gave way, the entrance for the chasm floor came to be. That, in turn, leads to the extensive cave system as well as the well-visited underground river. If you’re a fan of natural rock formations, you’ll get your fill of it in this place.

Parc Animalier

One of the better zoos available in the region, the park is famous for its marmosets and goats. Perhaps one of the best attractions in the park is the eco lodges that allow you to view the bears or the wolves in an approximation of their natural habitat. You can go there for the animals although you can also pick your spot for a relaxing picnic among the animals.

Mines de Vielle Aure

A warning in advance: the guided tour appears to be spoken hugely in French, although this would sate your appetite for anything pre-historic. It’s a cave and the paintings are what visitors usually come here to see. It is one of the better caves with prehistoric paintings in it as well as natural limestone formations.

Musee Massey

Another historic monument to times gone by, the Musee Massey focuses on the Hussar cavalrymen’s evolution—the periods covered extend from the 18th century to the 20th century. You get to see a bit of that period of time and how the Hussars evolved from the time of kings up to their present incarnation.

A visit to these sites in the Pyrenees is well worth your time, especially if you’re enjoying your vacation. Soak up a little of the world culture and enjoy your time in this French region—you’ve definitely earned it.

A Motorcycle Vacation: Renting the Right Motorcycle for You

The uniquely enticing vacations often feature something that’s out of the box. What’s more unique than riding on a motorcycle for the rest of your vacation? Traveling on the road, visiting different places every night, you get the feeling of freedom and a life of no worries—if only for the duration of your vacation.

Here’s some advice on how to choose the motorcycle of your choice, if you indeed followed through on a motorcycle vacation.

Ask around. There are places that obviously show they’re renting out motorcycles. However, if you’re in a place where there’s a lack of options, you can try to ask around. The locals will know where there’s a rental better than anyone else. If the place is developed, the airport, clubs, and some owner’s groups may even give you cards or invite you to their place to see what they have to offer.

Book in advance. Just as you’ve planned the vacation, you should have also planned to book a motorcycle rental ahead of your vacation. You should include this when you’re researching about the place you’ll visit. You could also check this out when you’re trying to find out points of interest you should visit when you’re finally starting your vacation.

Ask your tour manager. You’ve probably had a tour agent arrange your trip for you. If you had, you can also ask them about the rentals available in the city. You could outright ask them if there’s someone renting out motorcycles there and have them arrange that as well. It might cost you something extra or not but the added comfort of avoiding that hassle is well worth it.

Within your budget. This is especially important if you’re traveling within a budget. If you finally get in contact with a rental, choose a rental motorcycle that won’t let you go over what you plan to spend. It would be hard to start your vacation deep in debt; you never know when that extra money will come in handy.

Rent according to your need. Are you going hiking on a mountain? Rent an all-terrain model that handles that well. Are you going on the road? A cruiser or tourer may be more your speed. Learn to expect what kind of traveling you’re going to do. If you know it in advance, it makes it easier to choose the specific model and make you’re going to rent.

Know the law. Aside from the culture, you need to know what is and what isn’t allowed in the place you’re going to visit. This is one of the most important times when you should definitely act like a local. Respecting the laws of the place you visit will make sure you enjoy your vacation—and come back in one piece as well.

Once you’re sure about the model or why you’re renting a motorcycle, it should be a simple matter of closing the deal. Remember to look at these tips and more when you’re planning to rent a motorcycle on your holiday.